ONFX specializes in affordable small business web design with a professional custom design look.
ONFX websites look and function just like a custom design but without the expensive price tag. ONFX web sites are created by professional web designers that specialize in SEO design. The result is a sweet looking web site that is search engine friendly. In case you are not familiar with these terms, then please visit the Search Engine Optimization page for more information. For now, this simply could mean that the web site will appear on the first page of results when someone searches for your company or services in Google or other search engines.

ONFX uses a very popular and extremely easy to use website application to create websites.
ONFX takes advantage of alternative solutions and then passes along the savings to the client. ONFX can use open source software (free) and template based solutions. These templates are not cookie cutter templates and you will likely never see these designs anywhere else. ONFX uses very popular software such as Joomla and Wordpress. This type of software allows anyone to easily update the website even if the person is not familiar with HTML or website programming. In fact, if you can use Microsoft Word, then you are almost an expert and will easily update our websites.

Most web design companies try to convince potential clients to invest in a custom web design.
Those web design firms claim that the cost and efficiency of a template may be appealing but that these templates will be over used and the look will fade quickly. These myths come from mainstream companies that are out of touch with the skills and resources available to anyone that takes the time to investigate alternative solutions. Our professional web designs look as good or better than a custom web design. More importantly, our websites exceed business needs. Furthermore, these websites typically use a Content Management System (CMS). A CMS application is usually used by online magazines, news websites and other very large websites. This is typically considered an optional and expensive upgrade by boutique style web design firms.

ONFX web sites are inexpensive but they are not cheap web designs.
All of our designs follow best practices. Our web site implementations use web design standards as specified by the Internet's governing body. The end result is not only a beautiful web site, but a professional design that is coded with the highest standards.