ONFX optimizes websites to appear on the first page of Google. ONFX performs strict white hat SEO (search engine optimization) for competitive markets at competitive prices. A typical Chicago SEO Company simply ranks websites. ONFX gets your website to deliver quality leads to your business.

First, let’s start with a brief definition for readers that are not familiar with the term SEO or Search Engine Optimization.
SEO is the process that increases web site ranking and web site hits. When a website is "search engine optimized" it is considered a "search engine friendly" website. In other words, the website is setup correctly so that search engines can index it properly and it appears on the first page of a search engine or as close as possible to the first page. Obviously, everyone wants their website to be #1! Many average internet users misunderstand the process that it takes for a website to show up in Google. Many people think that you have to pay for AdWords and sponsored links in Google. This is not SEO. This is advertising. When a website is properly optimized and it is found in Google without advertising methods, this is known as "Organic SEO".

Everyone needs it, everyone wants it, but just about everyone does not understand SEO.
Most business owners are on a tight budget so the priority is simply to get a web site on the internet. There is no consideration for SEO design. The web site ranking in Google, Bing (MSN), Yahoo, and other search engines is not in the budget, which is perfectly understandable (initially). Ironically, when the day comes to make a web site live, the first question from a customer is typically the following…

"How can I check on the number of web site hits and visitors?"

This is an SEO question. While statistics are important, a web site will not generate a lot of hits or visitors if people or search engines cannot find it. It is important that SEO is considered when the site is originally constructed. Although the budget may not be in place to implement it, it is more difficult and usually more expensive to retrofit a website after it is completed.

ONFX specializes in Small Business SEO
All our web sites are SEO ready. This means that the work and budget are minimized when it is time to optimize a website. This will help the website rank higher in search engines. Please keep in mind if you hire ONFX or any other Chicago SEO Firm --- NOBODY can guarantee the top placement on any search engine. So, if someone offers SEO services and guarantees a top spot on a search engine page tomorrow, than run the other way, fast!