We know that is difficult for many small business owners to remain relevant and prosperous in their industry due to the changing landscape that the internet has introduced. We also have to admit that the reason we understand your stress and frustration with marketing is because we encountered the same issues.

ONFX is proud to be a premier Chicago Small Business Marketing Company.
We initially began our company with affordable web design. We catered to small business owners and we did well with word of mouth references. We were very fortunate that the pride in our work was recognized by our clients and our clients felt very helpful in recommending our services to other small business owners. While this continues to be one of our sources for new clients, we also knew that a website was not enough for some of these businesses. Actually, that is probably sugar coating it. The reality is that no business can survive with a website as their only marketing tool. While we have plenty of customers that do well with minimal marketing, the harsh truth is that "Marketing" can make or break a business. It is no "secret" that any business can do well if they have the right marketing. We are not saying that businesses with poor products or services can surpass a better business. We ARE saying that a business does not have to be the best to succeed.

Most small business owners are skeptical of online marketing.
Most small business owners also refuse to invest in online marketing because they do not see the value.We can guarantee every small business owner that they would be shocked by the results that SEO or Search Engine Optimization can bring their business. We once received a message from a customer after a few months of our services. The message is pasted below.

"Your services are amazing and literally changes lives! Thank you!"

We also know that the ease of conducting a business on the internet has a dark side. There are many people out there claiming to be social media experts, online marketing gurus, SEO professionals, etc... Please do your homework. You would not trust your tax returns to a con artist or anyone off the internet without proper research. Please make sure you check references and get a contract that protects you.

At ONFX, we began with small business websites. We are now a one-stop shop for all your internet needs.
We can even put together a complete website with SEO and get you on the first page of Google for your target audience with minimal effort on your part. We will put together the website including all the content and pictures. All we need is some time to get to know you and your business. We will take it from there!

So, please give us a call at (773) 969-6639 or contact us via our online form. We look forward to helping your business succeed!