Privacy Policy

This page is setup for everyone that hates spammers just as much as I do. I also hate marketers that call you while you are trying to enjoy your home and family. I would never, ever, do this or take part in anything like this. The ONFX website only has a few cookies to keep track of your name IF you register or post a comment on my blog. This is simply to remember that information. By the way, the only information that the website uses for registration is your name and email address. This makes registration as easy as possible for everyone. Keep in mind that you don't need even need to register! Anyone can post a comment on my blog. Oh yeah, we are supposed to be covering the Privacy Policy, right? Well, I don't feel the need to contact an attorney for the wording. I like to keep things simple so the following is the clearest wording that I think is necessary to let everyone know where ONFX stands on the Privacy Policy stuff. If it is unclear in any way, please contact me and we can "spend" time discussing how we both hate anyone that "wastes" time spamming and interrupting people's lives.

ONFX will NOT sell, rent, or share your personal information

Rudy Espinosa
CEO - "Chief Everything Officer"